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Recognized with the Gold Standard Away by the Circulation Verification Council for thirteen consecutive years- ranking us #1 in New York State for Market penetration, readership and advertiser response each of those years. We also consistently win state and national awards for our design and print work.

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Newspaper Printing

Geesee Valley Penny Saver




Our mission has always been to help our advertisers reach their customers. We will continue to do that by publishing one of the best-read community papers in America.



Readership is the key for any publication, and we have one of the highest grades in the country thanks to the quality of our ads and our variety of content like our editorial features.



Our publication is delivered every Friday, 52 weeks per year. We have a variety of delivery options including USPS, carriers and email. Our Monroe East and Canandaigua-Naples editions are subscriber based with hundreds of people requesting our delivery.



we've been recognized with the Gold Standard Award from Circulation Verification Council, which has us ranked first in New York State for market penetration, readership and advertiser response.

Circulation Map


Extra Edition

      Circulation: 5,500

      Ad Deadline: Tues. @ 2pm

Monroe East Edition

      Circulation: 7,134

      Ad Deadline: Tues. @ 5pm

Eastway Edition

      Circulation: 10,975

      Ad Deadline: Wed. @ 10am

Canandaigua-Naples Edition

      Circulation: 9,509

      Ad Deadline: Wed. @ 12 noon

Rush-Henrietta Edition

      Circulation: 7,510

      Ad Deadline: Wed. @ 12 noon

Batavia Edition

      Circulation: 14,942

      Ad Deadline: Wed. @ 2pm

Oatka Edition

      Circulation: 8,680

      Ad Deadline: Wed. @ 2pm

Dansville Wayland Edition

      Circulation: 9,284

      Ad Deadline: Wed. @ 2pm

Tri-County Edition

      Circulation: 7,945

      Ad Deadline: Wed. @ 5pm

Livingston Edition

      Circulation: 12,099

      Ad Deadline: Wed. @ 5pm

Print Thrives
Young Entrepreneurs

Print Thrives in a Digital World

Association is a well-known marketing principle. In print, advertisers enjoy the same degree of trust as the newspapers or magazines in which their ads run.


Association with the Genesee Valley Penny Saver offers yet another benefit, along with trust, to our advertisers. Our popular paper has become an eagerly awaited staple and household name. Our readers truly love our weekly paper.

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