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Social media is a very appealing, convenient way to share your business with the world. If done right, social media can bring a lot of traffic for your digital presence and increase sales! From social media management to building your Facebook page to boosted Facebook posts, we are here to help! Our goal with working with your social media campaign is to stay connected to your audience, customers, and community.

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Social Media

Organic vs Paid Content


A post shared from a brand’s page

In the newsfeed of friends and fans





Posts are created as an ad and are paid to be shown

Can specifically target your ideal audience

A small percentage of followers see your post organically

Can include a button linking to a website

Co-Branded Social

Reach thousands more people on Facebook. Our social media accounts, a trusted local source, publish a sponsored post to a target audience linking to your website or store. We can target paid ads to your audience based on geography, demographics and interests. 

Social Media Management

We will handle your social media account for your company. Once building the page is done, we will create engaging, informative and successful posts. This includes planning meetings, customer service assistance and review monitoring. 

Build a Facebook Page

Let us handle the design and the little details so you can spend your time on your business! We will build a business Facebook page for your company including a custom cover photo, matching profile picture and correct about/contact information.

Our Services


Copy should be written in a cohesive way that supports your ad’s objective. To write effective copy, we recommend the following:  

• Direct the user to take a specific action at least 1x; Then, reinforce the action with a call-to-action button 

• Highlight the key selling point (KSP) of whatever is being advertised at least 1x  

• Keep copy as short as possible while including necessary information 

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Social Media & Websites

We sometimes hear ‘do I really need a website and Facebook page?’ The bottom line is that social media is not a substitution for a website, but they can be a valuable extension of your brand and a helpful component of your marketing strategy.


While a Facebook page can be beneficial, your website is where customers will go first for accurate, trustworthy information about your business.

Social & Websites


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We offer live reporting with each and every campaign. We send you a link available 24/7 with the latest impressions, clicks, and conversions. Clicks can link back to your website while conversions are people that were tracked going to your location after seeing the ad. 

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