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Communicate one-to-one with your target audience! Select your recipients based on a wide range of demographics, including zip code, income, consumer habits, age and more, allowing you to reach your ideal market. Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of materials–all of which we can help you design and print.

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Direct Mail


Saturation Mailing


Saturation mailing saturates a zip code of your choosing and your message is delivered to every house within the area. This allows you to choose routes for your delivery through the United State Post Office right online at

Mailing Options



Let us reach your customers with postcards, envelopes, letters, and more!

Geography options:

• Saturation mail - saturate a broad area with your message

• Zip code - pick specific zip codes to target.

Our customers are welcome to use our permits:
• Marketing Mail Permit is #298 / Rochester, NY

• First Class Bulk is #2 / Avon, NY


Supply your own Excel database:

We can perform an NCOA (National Change of Address) search and prep the list. Postage is not estimated until the Excel spreadsheet has been prepped.

Penny Lane Printing
Restaurant Owner

Penny Lane

Penny Lane Printing continues to help get the printed message into your customer's hands and more importantly, their brains! Our graphic artists are extremely talented and pride themselves on giving you and your message an appealing look. We're local, family-owned, and we pride ourselves on continuously turning out quality work on every job we produce!

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